FP7 - seventh framework programme



Un nou regulament privind produsele biocide, care se aplică de la 1 septembrie, va crește semnificativ siguranța și va simplifica procedura de autorizare a produselor biocide utilizate și introduse pe piață în UE. Biocidele sunt produse chimice utilizate pentru eliminarea organismelor dăunătoare, cum ar fi paraziții și microorganismele nocive (cu alte cuvinte mucegaiuri și bacterii), și includ produsele insectifuge, dezinfectanții și substanțe chimice industriale cum ar fi vopselele antivegetative pentru nave și conservanții pentru materiale.


 Uniunea Europeană și Fundația Bill & Melinda Gates s-au angajat să colaboreze pentru a combate HIV/SIDA, tuberculoza, malaria și alte boli asociate sărăciei care, împreună, afectează peste 1 miliard de persoane din întreaga lume. Acordul, semnat astăzi la Paris de copreședintele fundației, Bill Gates, și de comisarul european pentru cercetare, inovare și știință, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, creează un nou parteneriat strategic pentru cercetare în acest domeniu.

IMI 9th Call webinars  (01.07.2013 - 15.07.2013)
Cooperare: Sănătate
  IMI will hold webinars on all 9th Call topics as well as its rules and procedures in July 2013.
All topic webinars will feature a presentation of the Call topic by the EFPIA topic coordinator as well as time for questions and answers. The webinars will therefore represent an excellent opportunity to learn more about the topics, interact directly with the topic coordinators, and get in touch with potential project partners. The webinar on IMI’s rules and procedures will include presentations of IMI's rules and procedures, its intellectual property policy, and tips on the preparation of an Expression of Interest.
Registration is free but obligatory. To sign up, complete and submit the registration form for the webinar(s) you wish to attend. As places are limited, early registration is recommended.
Webinar schedule
Developing innovative therapeutic interventions against physical frailty and sarcopenia (ITI-PF&S) as a prototype geriatric indication
Monday 1 July, 15:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time / Brussels time)

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Call for proposals – Drug Prevention and Information - Action grants 2013  (11.06.2013 - 11.07.2013)
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Drug Prevention and Information Programme-DPIP
This Programme is the only EU programme which is solely dedicated to funding projects on illicit drugs.The Programme provides financial support for projects which aim to exchange and transfer best practice across the EU to improve the quality of prevention and treatment services, to reduce drug-related health damage and to prevent drug use.
On 25 September 2007, the European Parliament and the Council adopted a Decision establishing the Specific Programme "Drug prevention and information" (DPIP) for the period 2007-2013 as apart of the general Programme'Fundamental Rights and Justice", in order to contribute to the strengthening of the area of Freedom, Security and Justice over the period of 2007-2013.
This Programme builds on the EU Drugs Strategy and Action plans, the ultimate aim of which is to significantly reduce the social harm and health damage caused by the use of, and trade in, illicit drugs.
Objectives and tools
The general objectives of the DPIP are:
  • to prevent and reduce drug use, dependence and drug related harm;
  • to contribute to the improvement of information on drug use;
  • to support the implementation of the EU Drugs Strategy.
  • The Programme should promote actions aiming at:
    • the setting up of multidisciplinary networks;
    • the expansion of the knowledge base;
    • the exchange of information and the identification and dissemination of good practice.
    Actions under the DPIP should also have the objective to:
    • raise awareness of the social and health problems caused by drugs use;
    • to encourage an open dialogue with a view to promoting a better understanding of the drug phenomenon.
    Measures aimed at preventing drug use, including the reduction of drug-related harm and treatment methods, taking into account the latest state of scientific knowledge should also be supported.
    The DPIP also aims to involve civil society in the implementation and development of the EU's Drugs Strategy and Action Plans including the monitoring, the implementation and the evaluation of the implementation of specific actions under the Drugs Action Plans.
The Programme will pursue its objectives by means of  support to transnational projects (Action grants Choose translations of the previous link), to the activities of non-governmental organisations or other entities pursuing  an aim of a general European interest (Operating grants Choose translations of the previous link) and by specific actions initiated by the Commission (Calls for tenders Choose translations of the previous link)
Acces to the Programme and target Groups
Access to the DPIP shall be open to public or private organisations and institutions established in the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein (local authorities at the relevant level, university departments and research centres) working in the area of information on and prevention of drug use including the reduction and treatment of drug-related harm.
The target groups of the programme's activities are all those who may be affected by the consequences of drug use, including:
  • young people, pregnant women, vulnerable groups and problematic neighbourhoods.
  • Other target groups are, inter alia, teachers and educational staff, parents, social workers, local and national authorities, medical and paramedical staff, judicial staff, law enforcement and penitentiary authorities, NGOs, trade unions and religious communities.

More information:  here

 Comisia Europeană a organizat cea de a  6-a Conferință EURAXESS cu genericul: "Noi comunicăm" în perioada 22- 24 aprilie 2013, în Dubrovnik, Croația.

Euraxess Dubrovnik.rar, 13.68 KB
07.11.2013 - 10.11.2013
BIOCERAMICS 25 - 25th Symposium and Annual Meeting of The International Society for Ceramics in Medicine

București, România

07.11.2013 - 10.11.2013

Bucharest, RO

11.06.2013 - 12.06.2013
Fit for Health - International Strategy Development Workshop for life sciences managers

Bruxelles, Belgia

13.05.2013 - 13.05.2013
Stakeholder Forum 2013. Public-private partnerships for health research and innovation

Bruxelles, Belgia


La 21 martie 2013 a fost lansat portalul HorizonHealth.eu Neth-ER la Bruxelles. Acest portal web prezintă proiectele de cercetare PC7 în domeniul Sănătate pentru publicul larg și mass-medi